BVS – Atmosphere instead of stress

Noise has a negative effect on our well-being and impairs our health. Whether in offices or communicative rooms, in lounges or rooms where people want to feel at ease, it is necessary to eliminate acoustically hard walls. Acoustically effective wall coverings, furniture fronts and room dividers can reduce noise enormously, increasing the quality of our life and work and creating a perfect atmosphere.
Whether voices, machine noise or ambient noise - the sound is absorbed to the greatest extent by the acoustic fronts and insulating surfaces, instead of being reflected annoyingly from the walls. Precise measurement of the products in the laboratory in all frequency ranges and good consultation help you to select the right acoustic insulation for every type of application.
Reduced echo significantly improves hearing sensitivity, thus increasing concentration. In a room with many people we can suddenly hear much better, experience less fatigue and can actively participate in conversations.


Function in perfect form.
Highly varying materials, vivid and expressive wood grains and surfaces as well as colour schemes in paint and other finishes offer planners, architects and artisans the possibility of uniting function and design at the highest level.
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