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The integral insulation layer of the double-sided acoustic modules eliminates the need
to manually install multi-layered partitions. On-site edge treatment results in high
quality acoustic partitions and components for interior finishing. Including projectable
absorption values.

The edgeless perforation allows the panels to be cut to perfectly fit demanding geome-
tries and ensures easy integration of other fixtures, glass panes and doors, switches, etc.

The entire panel structure is bonded in accordance with the NAF standard without for-
maldehyde, contributing to a healthy room atmosphere.

The two-sided, visually calm micro-perforation in combination with wood fibre insulation
makes Akustitrenn the ideal designer material for stationary and mobile interior fixtures,
exhibition booth construction, etc.


What does Akustitrenn offer?

+ Economical
+ High flexibility for your production process + Very rapid availability
+ Very rapid availability
+ Cut-outs and fitting work possible on site

+ High acoustic effectivity
+ Combined modular room separati
+ No eye irritation
+ Environmentally compatible NAF

Max. dimensions: 4000 mm x 1250 mm
Any desired edge width


Acoustic separation: Acoustically effective partitions on both sides


Fire protection class B2 (normal flammability) -- Low emission (No-Added Formaldehyde)



For detailed data with specifications and measurement results please see our PDF brochure.