Akustikplatte / Lochplatte - AKUSTIbohr

Akustibohr – Perforated panels for acoustically effective interior finishing.

Whether solid wood with vivid grain pattern, whether veneer, sandwich or other panels - nearly all can be used to produce Akustibohr acoustic panels. Cut sections with edge intervals, edge processing and paint finish or even particularly resistant powder coatings are easy to order. Drilling holes offers absolutely clean hole edges, made possible by processing particularly thick panels and production of panels with one perforated side. We process your panels or supply you with panels, obtained from various manufacturers and processed to acoustic panels for you.

Drilling is accomplished on the basis of a 32 mm grid, allowing realisation of numerous hole sizes, intervals and patterns. Special cut-outs for handle fittings, lights or plates as well as blind holes for fastening are no problem. Moreover 8 mm holes allow concealed connection with special dowels.

We produce tailor-made products, cut to fit your rooms to your precise specifications.

Max. dimensions  Length 4000 mm, Width 2100 mm
Maximal thickness: 40 mm, with reduced panel dimensions

Akustibohr is available in fire safety classes B2, B1 and, in part, A2.
Test certificates for resistance to thrown balls are available for construction elements for gymnasiums.