Akustibohr micro Akustic and Optic

AKUSTIbohr micro ― Acoustics and optics made to measure

Innovative, high performance functional materials, whose effect is not immediately apparent, ensure the spacious perception of the future.

The smooth, micro-pore surface effectively eliminates any hazard of injury or vandalism. In combination with the tested thrown ball resistance, Akustibohr micro can also be used in areas close to the floor for optimum acoustic efficiency.

Borderless with virtually invisible pores, the Akustibohr micro surface has a pure, inconspicuous appearance. Wood grain patterns on the Akustibohr micro surface retain their naturally expressive impression. Akustibohr micro facilitates innovative interior finishing without compromises between appearance and acoustic efficiency.

Wood, wide spectrum of colours, patterns and innovating coatings with concrete, stone or rust appearance provide absolutely new design freedom and fulfil highest demands for contemporary interior design.

Max. dimensions: 4080 mm x 2100 mm, edge widths as desired

What does Akustibohr micro offer?

+ Economy
+ High flexibility for your production process
+ Extremely rapid availability
+ Direct on-site cutting possible
+ Variety of surfaces

+ High acoustic efficiency
+ Reduced risk of injury
   (in comparison to perforations with larger diameter)
+ No eye irritation
+ Safety tested resistance to thrown balls
+ Environmentally compatible NAF version

Akustibohr micro: Tailor-made acoustic and visual features

Low emission and normal to low flammability


For detailed data with specifications and measurement results please see our PDF brochure.